Brault & Bouthillier is a certified training organization with the Commission des partenaires du marche du travail under the Act to Promote Workforce Skills Development and Recognition.

We are proud to offer a variety of workshops and training sessions that address the needs of education professionals.

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Our goal is always the same: to help educators by providing high-quality expertise.

Our training offer


Our educational robotics training enables teachers to master learning tools, certain programming languages and targeted learning activities.


Learn all you need to know about artistic processes, mediums used in the classroom and techniques adapted to the arts program through Brault & Bouthillier's training sessions.

Creative leisure

Get inspired with crafty ideas for daycare and before-and-after school care settings. We've got themes that children of all ages will love.

The Snoezelen approach

Our skilled training team will teach you the fundamentals of this approach, which focuses on stimulating the senses to promote a child's happiness and well-being. We'll cover the tools, how to use and maintain them, our favourite products everything you need to get started.

Custom training

Let us know what your training needs are regarding our educational materials, and our experts will develop a training session just for you. From math manipulatives to language development tools, all subject areas are fair game.

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Upcoming training

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